Still finding my feet in the blogging-world….

Ok so it probably looks like I’m doing nothing this past few days but I really am! Behind the scenes, I am writing out reviews of books that I’ve read over the past few months so they’re ready to publish to the blog.  I’m still not feeling very confident blogging but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. I’ve had some great offers of help from bookstagram friends who are experienced bloggers so I know I’m not completely on my own. I’m taking the day off today because I am absolutely HOOKED on my current read – Patrick Ness’ More Than This. It’s gripping to say the least!

Happy Reading

Alison x

2 thoughts on “Still finding my feet in the blogging-world….

  1. Don’t be afraid to blog! Sometimes I still feel like I’m writing to myself. But people are out there reading your posts, even if they might not like or comment.personally it’s taken me 9 months just to get like 150 followers (if that), but I’m still really enjoying myself!


    1. Thank you, Camille! It’s so true, it DOES feel like I’m talking to myself 😆 But I’ve quickly become addicted to looking at the site stats which show me that people are actually reading the stuff I’m writing which is very exciting!

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