_80755103_harperlee1_gettyI am so excited about the news that, 55 years after the original book came out, Harper Lee is bringing out the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird this July! I thought it was fascinating to read her interview and hear that this ‘sequel’ was actually the first book she wrote, about an adult Scout going back to her hometown to visit her ageing father. The book contained flashes of her childhood and her editor suggested that she write a book about Scout’s childhood through the racial tensions of that period, instead – she did this and that book turned out to be TKAM.  Ms Lee’s first manuscript (about the adult Scout) was then lost for years but, when it was recently discovered, she decided she would publish it as a sequel to Mockingbird.

I honestly haven’t been this excited about a piece of literary news EVER! Now I need something to keep me occupied between now and July…….then again, It’s not like I don’t have an ENORMOUS tbr pile to work my way through 😉

PS. For anyone who uses The Book Depository, they’re offering 25% off the RRP on all pre-orders!


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