Building a book collection……..

harrypottercollectionI own eight bookcases.  They’re all around the house.  That’s not including the kids’ bookcases. We have 6 kids and the 5 eldest have their own bookcases too (the ‘baby,’ aged 3, has a book-box which holds around 150 books, at a guess) As you can imagine, our house is crammed with books. Most of which, I just have one copy of. Then, there are my favourites………………

I have three different copies of The Hunger Games series because….well……they’re all gorgeous covers and I just had to have them. I also have two different covers of the Twilight series because, you guessed it, I loved both.  Two and three copies isn’t actually too bad, even if my hubby looks at me as though I’m mad because, after years of being married to me, he’s used to my book-hoarding obsession!

However, 18 years ago this year, the first book in a series of seven was published for the first time. It was written by an (at that time) unknown author by the name of Joanne Rowling. That book, of course, was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I picked up the first book, buying into all the hype, and planned on keeping it for my future kids.  It sat on my shelf for a few years, along with book two, Chamber of Secrets and book three, Prisoner of Azkaban which I had bought as they were respectively published.  At this point, I had had my first baby and she loved me reading to her so I decided I would take out the Harry Potter books (that everyone had been talking about) and read them aloud. It didn’t matter that she was so young and didn’t understand one word that I was saying, all she wanted was to listen to my voice while she fell asleep.  Night after night, I read  and, as I did, I fell completely under Harry Potter’s spell (excuse the pun!) I started to read the books even when Rosie was sleeping and I had soon read all three AND WAS CRYING OUT FOR THE NEXT RELEASE!!! I had awakened a monster…….While I was waiting for Book four to be published, I decided it might be nice to get the paperback UK editions to go alongside my hardback versions.  Then I spotted the adult paperbacks and I just HAD to get those too………you get the idea; I was completely in love with all the beautiful Harry Potter editions and this began my obsession.

18 years later, I am the proud owner of 9 full sets of Harry Potter editions. (I finished off my American hardback set this evening when I ordered the two that I was missing!) I also own Harry Potter :  Page to Screen and Harry Potter : Film Wizardry. I’m hoping to add The Creature Vault to these soon!

It’s not just the books that hold the attraction for me; I was ‘sorted’ into Gryffindor on a dozen different fan sites so I have the maroon and yellow tie and scarf. I have a time turner, a golden snitch, Xenophilius’ necklace, a diadem, the marauders’ map…………I pick bits and pieces up whenever I can.  It would probably have been easier if I’d have had a limitless supply of money and could have just bought the box sets/merchandise whenever I wanted.  However, I don’t believe I would have had half the fun that I have had over the years, looking out for bargains! The thrill of finding a near-impossible-to-find copy in my price range, bidding on it then chewing off my nails until the auction ends, well that means a great deal of satisfaction when I win and the book is delivered in mint condition!

Everyone likes to collect things, whether that be handbags, shoes, make-up. Me? I’d probably go barefoot before I’d waste my book money 😀 😀 😀

My obsession is books. More specifically, Harry Potter books.

What’s yours……….?



5 thoughts on “Building a book collection……..

  1. I have multiple copies of the hobbit, lotr, hunger games, pride and prejudice, Alice in wonderland…and I think that’s it, for now. I wish I wasn’t so addicted to beautiful covers, as sometimes I think it’s a waste to keep buying the same books. Yet they’re like works of art!

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    1. Definitely! I feel like they’re art too! They’re pleasing to the eye and they bring me an enormous sense of satisfaction when I see them on my shelves…..what’s not to like?!


  2. I have a bit of an HP collection myself as well, not as many as you (yet), but definitely more than others seem to think I need 😛
    Also, I’m kind of growing an Alice in Wonderland collection as well..

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