I’m Back!

Hey guys!

I’m sorry for the inactivity. With 6 children, this is pretty much a mad house and what little time I have had, I’ve been using to build up my Instagram profile. I’m now sitting at nearly 32,000 followers on IG (SAY WHAT?! That’s nuts, I know!) so I thought I could finally concentrate on blogging a lot more

I have a few review books to read this month so I’ll be writing them up as soon as I finish them. The Gifted by Matthew Dickerson is the first in his Daegmon War series, Storm Front by DL Robinson is also the first book in the Series and, finally, Out of the Blue by EL Irwin which is a standalone, I believe.

For now, I need to finish book 2 of Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles, Throne of Fire.  I started a RR marathon Christmas Eve and, as usual when I pick up Rick’s books, I couldn’t just stop at one book, or eve one series….nope, I had to read everything he’s ever written once again! He really is a genius!

Anyway, I’ll leave it for now but I really hope to get back into the swing of things soon.

Take care, Al xx



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