So that’s how bloggers do it……


I’m absolutely loving life at the moment. All my family are healthy and happy (well most of the time. The other times, they’re killing each other…..siblings,eh?!) and I’ve made some fabulous friends via bookstagram.  There’s actually a group of us who connect on What’s App several times a day to recommend our new favourite books, tell each other about new fandom merchandise that’s just been released, talk about our babies and hubbies, or maybe just to have a sounding board to rant at when we’ve had a bad day.  As we’re all over the world, I would have never met any of these 6 friends, only because of our shared love of reading and, because of that, starting our Bookstagram accounts.

I’ve also found a new confidence in my photos this past month and follower count is showing that this is shining through in my posts.  I started to mix up my plain, white backdrops with all sorts of different backgrounds and these have brought a whole new visual to my feed which I (and apparently my 35K followers) love! It’s very refreshing and means that there’s no pressure to try and stick to an exact theme.  If I want a hand shot, I take one……New boots? Make sure they’re in my photo! A simple, minimalist shot which shows mostly the background with the book squashed up in the corner? Yes please!


It means that my account has become fun again and, instead of trying too hard to impress everyone all the time, if I’m happy with the shot, then it gets posted!

Most surprisingly, though, are the benefits that have come from this newly-improved feed. When I hit 25k followers, I was contacted by quite a prestigious watch company to ask if I would consider featuring one of their products in a couple of my photos, in exchange for receiving that item free of charge.  I must admit to being taken aback at first.  Why would a luxury watch company send little old me, a house wife and mummy to 6 kids, a designer watch worth nearly $300 just to include in my photos? Surely there must be some catch……? Well, no, as they explained, with the power of social media nowadays, it’s a perfect advertising arena for brands both big and small.  I had already been repping for quite a few small business on IG by showing off candles, mugs etc and these new collaborations with big businesses turned out to be the same idea, only on a larger scale.

Since then, I have received several watches, other jewellery and various other items INCLUDING BOOKS (yay!) to show off on my feed. I am very aware that first and foremost, I am a bookstagram account and I always try to keep that honest by picturing every promoted item with a book and, even while promoting the item in the caption, I will still also talk about the book which is featured, too.  I wouldn’t like all these people who have followed me for book reviews and recommendations to suddenly be watching a feed advertising everything and anything BUT books, that wouldn’t be right.

Watch by Daniel Wellington (click here and use code littlebookwormig to get 15% off until March 30th)


With a family of 8, we have never had money spare to buy luxuries like jewellery and watches; all our money goes on the kids and the mortgage. And books, ok, I’ll admit it 😉 So it’s like Christmas now when the UPS courier pulls up outside with a parcel! I had always wondered how top bloggers/vloggers, despite being so  young, seemed to have the coolest stuff! It just didn’t occur to me that by sending free products to popular bloggers/YouTubers/IG’ers, these companies were getting the word out about their brand.  I think I’ve been living with my head under a rock!

I know this won’t last forever but, for the moment, I’m enjoying the benefits of having my account just as I like it, being approached by businesses for collaboration, and it’s making those long months of tearing my hair out over crappy photos while building up my account totally worth it! NB>It really was VERY crappy.  Those photos are still all their at the bottom of my feed. I refuse to delete them as that was where it all began and that was when I started to meet all those wonderful people who I now call friends…..

Do you have a bookstagram? Or a book blog? Comment and let me know the details so I can check them out!

Until the next time…….Ciao!

PS. I have a couple of book reviews to post shortly so watch this space…….






22 thoughts on “So that’s how bloggers do it……

  1. Hey there!!! I am freshly new to this and even though I don’t have that many followers I am actually enjoying it 😁… I started following you from the beginning where I had no clue as to what I was doing, wait I actually still don’t lol. I am trying to move up or moreso move foreward with it I love books and giving people some recommendations. It’s just kind of hard between my daughter, work, and school I find myself taking longer to finish a book. Can you give me any tips to try and help me out 😊…


    1. Hi there! I’m afraid I have no magic formula but I can tell you what I did if that helps? I interacted with followers. If they had taken the time to leave a comment, I made sure to reply to it. That’s one of the main things that people comment on because they have followed other accounts where the person has just posted a photo then ignored all comments. I try to reply to each and every one of them because I’m so happy they’ve likes my post enough to comment. Also, post things that you like. If you aren’t a classics lover, then don’t post them, don’t worry about what the snobs say; classical literature isn’t for everybody. If you love YA, post loads of it! It means that, if you’re passionate about what you’re posting, it will shine through into your photos! That’s about it, I think. Enjoy what you’re doing and don’t push yourself to read faster; it sounds like you have your hands full so kudos to you! I have a hard enough time with the kids and the house, without adding school into the mix! Thanks again for getting in touch, I appreciate it. I hope I have been of some help xx

      (these little tips apply to both bookstagram – the Instagram book community – and my blog)


  2. Thank you so much, yes it helps a lot!!! I don’t have a lot of physical books I’m trying to get there again. Ebooks took me captive for a while lol!!! But thank you for your advice!!! Have a great day!!!


    1. You’re so welcome! I have shelves upon shelves of physical books which I adore but since I was diagnosed with a chronic joint/muscle condition a couple of years ago, I’ve turned to mostly reading on my Kindle; it’s so much easier to hold. Doesn’t stop me buying pretty hardbacks and paperbacks, too, though! I’m hopeless haha!

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      1. I had started that as well!!! Read them in the dark on my nook while putting my daughter to sleep n during the day use the physical copy!!! Yes sometimes books can get very heavy at times…My aunt had to turn to ebooks as well because she was diagnosed with MS so shes always in pain…


  3. Hello 🙂
    I’ve been (silently) following your blog for sometime. I somewhat recently started my own, but suffer from inconsistency. Life gets a tad hectic at times lol. Anywho, just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your posts and am so glad that you are doing well!


    1. Thanks so much for getting in touch! I know exactly what you mean. It’s only (very!) recently that I’ve got back to blogging because one thing after another happened and, before I knew it, 8 months had gone by! I appreciate your kind words and hope to see more of your blog posts in the future! Thanks again, Alison

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  4. Loved this post Alison! Thanks for sharing. So excited you’re getting recognition for your great bookstagram! Let us know if we can do anything else to support you!


    1. Aaron thanks so much! I’m still getting used to the idea that brands trust me to show off their beautiful products. Even better, the products I’ve agreed to promote all fit organically into my bookstagram account so I’m still maintaining that original theme which brought me all those wonderful followers! Thanks again for all your help (I’m sure both you and Jake thought you were dealing with a halfwit at first with all the questions 🙈🙈) Keep up the great work and I hope the beta testing is going well! All the best, Alison


  5. I love your honesty and wow what a big family! That’s a blessing 🙂 I just started book blogging and had no idea there was such a lovely community out there for fellow book lovers!
    Would love if you checked out my blog and would like to connect. Any feedback is welcome 🙂


  6. Hi! I’m Tiffani and I’m just getting started with bookstagramming and book blogging. I already follow you on Instagram and I’m going through to follow everyone’s blogs on there also so here I am!

    I love your account and I’m also a wife and mother of three soon to be four! I hope that one day I can be where you are with my accounts! I also hope to connect with fellow bookstagramers and book bloggers and make new friends!


    1. Hey Tiffani!
      Thanks for getting in touch! Just keep enjoying what you’re doing and that will shine through in your posts! Good luck with your bookstagram and blog, Alison xx

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  7. My blog & social media aren’t only for books, but books are some of my very favorite things to post about. I’d love to connect. I’m glad you’ve found freedom to be creative and are getting such an awesome response from your followers. I’m @DawnitaFogleman on instagram. 🙂


  8. Great post! i have been looking for book blogs recently amd yours is one of the best I have found by far. I am planning to start a blog too, do you have any advice i should know? I will appreciate a lot 🙂 ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I would be useless at giving you any advice about your new blog because I am so rubbish at updating mine! The best advice I could give you is to maybe make a posting schedule so you know in advance when you are going to post and when. It’s what I have done this time so I’m hoping my blog will finally start to get organised (an followers wont be waiting 5 months for a reply like you have…….sorry!) Let me know when you start your blog so I can follow 😉


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