The James Potter Series

A Note from author G Norman Lippert (extract from his website)
Welcome! The James Potter Series is getting a r
First, these stories are not about the Marauders. They are about James Sirius Potter, Harry’s firstborn son. They include such next generation characters as Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, Albus and Lily Potter, etc.

Second, while these stories are not written by J. K. Rowling (obviously) they, and other such stories, have been sanctioned by her, so long as they are respectful and appropriate for children. I have been in contact with Ms. Rowling’s literary agency (after they were asked by the press if the James Potter stories and websites were secretly her creation). They have been very cordial and encouraging, even going so far as to actively deny erroneous press allegations that Ms. Rowling intended to sue me. For that, I thank them!

For what it’s worth, I have worked very hard to keep the James Potter stories true to Ms. Rowling’s canon and literary style, while obviously injecting my own original themes, characters and settings. For the true canon-police, there are indeed some errors and mistakes. For those who merely love the Harry Potter stories, however, I don’t expect that such trivialities will detract from your ability to enjoy my tales.
I thank all of those who have read the stories thus far and taken the time to comment on them, critique them, blog about them, and send me emails. I can’t respond to all of your notes, but I promise that I do read every single one.

Finally, thanks most of all to Ms. Rowling herself for creating a world so interesting, so broad and fertile, that its potential stories seem utterly endless. The James Potter tales are mine, but they are grown in the garden she cultivated

I discovered this fanfiction series last year and read them as eBooks (they’re completely free to download at – just click the link relevant to you eReader at the top of the page) and absolutely loved them so when I saw the thread, in an online forum, to say they could be printed via, I just HAD to get them!
These books are NOT available to buy anywhere; you have to download the text/cover files and upload them to
To print, click HERE and you’ll be taken to a thread on the Grotto Keep Forum. That thread is an updated instructions and files list! Next, you download and extract the zip files for each book (I made a special folder on my desktop to save them in the same place).
When you’ve done that, go to and follow the instructions from that Knight Bus thread. The first one was a little slow and tricky but, after that, I knew exactly what to do!
You can choose whether you use the US or UK Lulu (which makes a HUGE difference with shipping!) and, remember, you have to make sure to check the box which says ‘for me only’ on Lulu; because of copyright, they’re not allowed to be sold publicly, just printed for your own use.
They really are excellent books! If you enjoyed The Cursed Child, you’ll love this series 😀1472217189

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