Cornflakes For Dinner


So most of you know that I have a large family. Hubby and I have 6 kids, 2 dogs, 2 turtles and several fish to keep alive on a daily basis

That would be busy enough but, when you take into account that nearly all of the kids play one or two sports and play those sports both for our town AND for our county, then it starts to get a little busier

Add in one of our children recently being diagnosed with autism and that makes it a little more challenging 😕

And finally add my own physical and mental health problems into that mix (lots of doctor/hosp appointments) PLUS my parents’ and MIL’s appointments and you’re getting near the madness that is our life 😂 It’s nuts but I wouldn’t change a thing….well not too much anyway 😉

@aidancomerfordwriter also has a super busy life. With two kids at various points on the autistic spectrum and a wife who suffered from post-natal depression and has a severe sleep disorder, the last thing they needed was for him to be made redundant from work a few years ago. The one thing Aidan always kept, however, was his sense of humour, no matter how tough life was and, because of this, he decided he’d try to break into comedy – what had he got to lose?

Turns out nothing because Aidan Comerford is funny. Very funny. Despite so many upheavals in their family life, he rose up against it all and made himself known

Cornflakes For Dinner is the story of his family life. It’s equally heartbreaking and hilarious and I would THOROUGHLY recommend it to everyone because he and his family are an inspiration. You’ll laugh (mostly out loud!) and you’ll cry reading this book. It’s not very often, probably never, that I come across a book which resonates so strongly with my own daily life. This is it. I started it yesterday afternoon, read deep into the night then finished it this lunchtime…..If you read nothing else this year, you’ll want to share Aidan and Martha’s journey with them

Cornflakes for Dinner is available now from all good bookshops. Published by @gillbooks