NOS 4R2 – Joe Hill


93f50-five-stars– LOVED IT!

Wow! What a book this was! As a life-long fan of Stephen King, I was delighted to start reading his son’s books and I couldn’t have made a better decision. I started with Heart-Shaped Box and, once finished, I was eager to get my hands on another Joe Hill.

The first thing that pleased me about this book was it’s size. As the saying goes, “I love big books and I cannot lie”. In my case, this is completely true as I am a speed reader so books never usually last long enough for me. With 692 pages, this is an epic tale which literally grabbed me from the first page.

The prologue starts in 2008 then the real story drops back to 1986.  The story follows the story of Victoria McQueen, spanning her life from being a child and racing towards the conclusion where she is a mother who’s son is in danger simply because he is HER son and the villain (Charlie Manx) holds a long grudge against her for escaping his clutches when she was young.

There’s an element of the supernatural, science fiction and quantum physics all involved in the telling of this story. Go into it with an open mind and you’ll be gripped and pulled through the book at breakneck speed! I literally COULD. NOT. put this book down. The housework was abandoned and the kids were left to fend for themselves (not really, but Daddy was put in charged for the weekend 😉 ) until I finished reading it. For any fans of Stephen King or any readers of past Joe Hill books, this is a MUST READ! Definitely one of my all-time favourites

(From the back cover)

Young Victoria McQueen has a gift for finding things. All she has to do is ride her bike through the Shorter Way Bridge and she’ll come out wherever she needs to be…….it’s an ability she keeps secret because no one would understand. Until she finds out she’s not the only one with a special gift.

Charlie Manx takes children for rides in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith with its NOS4R2 vanity plate, driving them away from their families, their homes, even their own humanity. When they reach their destination they’ve changed, utterly. They’ve become Charlie’s children; as unstoppable and insane as Manx himself

Only one kid ever escaped Charlie Manx: Vic McQueen. But the end of that nightmare was just the beginning of their life-and-death battle of wills….a battle that explodes a quarter century later. Because now Manx has taken Vic’s son. And Vic McQueen is going to get him back. Or die trying.”

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